Scream the whole weekend with Ghostface

Last October we were honored to help Nostalgic Nebula cover “Scream Comes Home”, an event that allowed fans to revisit, stay and party at the house and barn used in one Wes Craven’s Meta-Horror Masterpiece Scream . The attendees had the opportunity to view other locations from the film as well as some great re-enactments of the movie. Inside Stu’s house attendees were able to stand to relive the some of the most famous scenes of the movie inside the garage, kitchen and living room. One-night Ghostface himself Roger L Jackson made an appearance and hosted an outdoor screening of the movie!

It truly was a memorable experience that was also very bitter sweet, since this was to be the last time guest would be able to visit the site as the owners where returning to live on the premises. So, imagine our thrill to hear that the “Scream Comes Home” organizers Anthony Masi and Nate Ragon have pulled off some magic for another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to again “revisit, stay and party” at this legendary landmark. This spring, a limited few will get to attend a “Weekend at Scene 118”!

Here are the details from an exclusive interview presented by Dread Central:

“Masi and Ragon gave us the exclusive;

First, Ragon explained- We really thought that Scream Comes Home was going to the only chance for Scream fans to visit/stay at the house. The homeowners, in fact, did move back in. We were lucky enough to be able to secure a handful of weekends with the homeowners to allow a few more opportunities for fans to experience the house. It’s a more intimate experience than Scream Comes Home was. Everyone who attended Scream Comes Home told us it was the best weekend of their lives. The homeowners were inspired and in shock by how grateful and respectful everyone was. Weekend at Scene 118 is a more intimate Scream experience. 18 lucky fans will have a private 3-day experience at the house, including some of the perks we offered at SCH, as well as a few new ones! I will be attending each weekend in April, and will be bringing plenty of surprises!

Here’s what Masi had to say – So many people emailed us to say they couldn’t attend Scream Comes Home and literally begged us to produce the event again. We honestly didn’t want to do that because duplicating the exact experience couldn’t possibly capture the magic of the original event. At the same time, we felt we had an obligation to see what else we could do since there was obviously interest from Scream fans who still wanted to visit the mansion. And since we already successfully opened the door to the place once, we figured we could at least try and do it again, just as a wholly different experience.”

The website for the event gives a full description of the property and experience; but quite honestly really can’t sum up the feeling of being there. So, the lucky few able to grab a spot take plenty of pictures and social media memories as it is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

All sleeping options are now available on the website HERE. “Weekend at Scene 118” will take place April 5th thru 7th and again on April 12th thru 14th.