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The Lost Boys Pilot ordered by The CW

Ever since 2016 when Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars) announced he wanted to pen the script of a Lost Boys series based off the 1987 movie, the buzz has been constant. Well as of yesterday it seems that project is closer to realization The CW has recently ordered pilots for a few TV adaptations and on the list is The Lost Boys. Rob Thomas is no longer tied to the project as he is currently reviving Veronica Mars on Hulu.

Original Cast of Lost Boys Film (1987)

As of now very little information besides the ordered pilot is known and no cast has been announced.

Original Lost Boys film was released in 1987, It told the tale of two brothers who moved to the town of Santa Clara (known as the Murder Capital of the world) Where the family is soon the focus of a gang of young vampires.  Here is the original trailer of the movie

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