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New Trailer and Twists for Pet Semetary

By now, most horror fans anticipating the upcoming April 5th re-imagining of Stephen King’s novel, Pet Sematary has seen the first trailer, in theaters or online. This morning a controversial second trailer has released, and while decidedly creepier than the former, it foretold a major change in the original story line. According to a tweet by the creeptastic author/creator himself, Stephen King only gave us a brief warning: “This is a scary movie. Be warned”.

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*spoiler alert if you’ve not read the book, seen the 1989 film, nor the current trailer*

The ’89 movie, directed by Mary Lambert, followed the novel’s basic plot points, including the the point where Louis Creed decides to bury his son in the Native burial ground, after his death, and despite Jud Crandall’s warnings. However, in a major twist designed to provoke the controversy, and distance themselves into a somewhat different take, reversed the roles between the fates of Gage, and Ellie Creed.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura gave his insight into why the change was made.  Filmmakers felt the well-known tagline, “Sometimes dead is better…” is a literary illusion to what we know from the novel, and ’89 film, and leaving it ‘buried’ in the past, along with the dead. Thus giving the film its own spark of life. But those familiar with this storyline know what happens when you bury something in this particular “Sematary”. 

Stephen King

So it seems that there is a huge twist to story , Anyone that remembers the 1989 Movie version or The book by Stephen King. Will notice that the main character of “Gage” is no longer the child that is brought back to life but his sister “Ellie” now has that honor.
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