Throw Back Thursday to one of our Facebook Live Shows.

Filmed at Nerdbot Studios

In this show we interview the cast of “All Through the House”

The Killer – Lito Velasco

Rachel Kimmel – Ashely Mary Nunes

Crissy – Kelsey Carlstedt

Synopsis by IMDb:

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house A creature was stirring, but it wasn’t a mouse.

And All Through the House is a film about the morals of man and the consequences of doing bad things to other people. Especially at Christmas time.

Conceived as a sort of wrap around anthology, this fun to watch Holiday Horror film is filled with creepy characters, including an evil Santa, a voodoo monster, an elfish type dream creature called the Holly King, and an invisible imaginary / not so imaginary child’s pet known as Fluffy face. A new take on vengeance, And All Through the House is the story of a cruel Toy company executive who has his head of administration fire a long-time employee of 29 years on Christmas Eve. After receiving the bad news, on his answering machine, the man goes out of his mind. He turns to one of his late wife’s voodoo spells and sets in motion an act of vengeance against his boss that has serious repercussions. Meanwhile, the administrator, who did the actual firing, has problems of his own. A strange and mysterious creature is living in his house, and an escaped mental patient dressed as old St Nick is lurking around outside. Scary Christmas to all and to all a good fright!

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