Anne Rice’s HULU adaptation of the ‘Vampire Chronicles’, has finally risen from the grave. 

Anne Rice

Soon after finding a home with HULU last year, the production for a series adaptation for Anne Rice’s vampire novels, had lost it’s…head. Head show runner that is, Bryan Fuller (American Gods, Hannibal), who decided to part ways, and production was buried 6ft under. 

News broke on Christopher Rice’s (Anne Rice’s son) Facebook page, that the show was not so undead, and has clawed its way back to the surface with new show runner, Dee Johnson. 

“Today, I’m thrilled to tell you that after an exhaustive search, we’ve joined forces with the perfect showrunner, a woman of vast experience and impeccable professionalism who brings with her a deep respect for the material,” Rice wrote. “Say hello to Dee Johnson. Dee is a wildly talented and versatile writer/producer whose credits range from critically acclaimed dramas like BOSS, to network hits like NASHVILLE, to the world-building, science-fiction odyssey, MARS. An openly gay woman of color, during her extensive years on name brand shows like E.R. and THE GOOD WIFE, Dee championed the representation of minority characters, marrying diversity to smart and compelling drama and delivering it to millions of homes around the world.”

Dee Johnson

The series will take over after the first book, “Interview with a Vampire”, and start with the second, “The Vampire Lestat”. Smartly done, considering the first book was made into a film with an unforgettably strong cast. With filming not set to begin until September of this year, there hasn’t been an expected debut date. 

Stay tuned to see if this show will last centuries or get the stake. 

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