It seems we are seeing a lot of movement with The CW’s The Lost Boys and according to Deadline we now have two more characters from 1987’s movie cast. As reported earlier today Sam who’s was played by Corey Haim and grandpa who was played by Barnard Hughes in the movie. The role of Sam will be played by Rio Mangini (Everything Sucks) and Grandpa will be played by Del Zamora (Mayans MC) in the new series.

Rio Mangini (Sam) and Del Zamora (Grandpa)

IMDB Bio : Rio Mangini is a classically trained pianist, actor, and film composer. This veteran of television & film is known for his portrayal of the acerbic “McQuaid” on the acclaimed Netflix Original Series “Everything Sucks”.

Del Zamora was raised in various locations across the Southwest of the United States of America. His family dates back to the 1500’s, and even further back, on the Mescalero Apache side of his family; in what is now known as Lincoln County, New Mexico. Del is a Mescalero Apache/Chicano mix. His great, great, grandmother, Nestorita Lara, who lived to be 114 years old, was painted by the famous Southwest painter, Henrietta Wyeth. The painting, “Dona Nestorita”, hangs in the Roswell, New Mexico, City Museum. Del’s godfather, was Domingo ‘Sunday’ Lopez, father to golfer great, Nancy Lopez.

The CW press release:

Mangini will play, Sam, Michael’s younger brother, whose high level of literacy is matched by an equally high level of snark. He seems to be the only one not enchanted by Santa Carla — a sentiment he shares with a pair of local girls, the Frog Sisters.

Zamora portrays Frank Garcia, Lucy’s father, a cantankerous old hippie who owns a beloved local bed and breakfast. In spite of his laid-back appearance, he’s a strict disciplinarian who probably knows more about the dark side of town than he cares to tell..”

As far as the details of the series and where it will be headed is still in the air, also expect more news on casting to be released in the week.

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