Jordan Peele’s reboot of the classic horror/sci-fi series The Twilight Zone is one of the most anticipated shows this year and the newest sneak peek has us wanting more. Earlier Peele indicated that most of the content in the new series will be original with some twists on favorites from the show’s original introduction (1959).

Peele has more than likely honored all that he promises with the sneak peek Nightmare at 30,000 feet which seems to honor one of the most classic Twilight Zone episode a Nightmare at 20,000 Feet directed by Richard Donner and Starring William Shatner. It was also retold in The Twilight Zone Movie (1983) Starring John Lithgow; but Peele’s spin elevates (Pun intended) the tale.

The Twilight Zone will air on CBS All Access beginning April 1st.  If you like the 1st trailer have a look at the second trailer The Comedian Starring Kumail Nanjiani and Tracy Morgan below.

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