Visitors to both the Disney World and Disneyland theme parks always leave with fond memories and priceless moments, From Honeymoons to Birthday Celebrations Disneyland has provided the means to make every life event be blissful. Some visitors however are taking it upon themselves to make their final wishes become a reality.

Visitors are asking their loved ones to scatter the ashes of their remains all over different areas of the parks. As morbid as this may sound it happens so frequently in the parks that Disney cast members have orchestrated secret radio code word for cleanups known as “HEPA cleanup”. Remains have been found all over both parks and cast members have said that it is not uncommon to hear the HEPA code word at least once a month.

Photo Courtesy of WSJ :
Jodie Jackson Wells, holds some of her mother Bonnie Jackson’s ashes in a bottle, which she took to Walt Disney World in 2009. 

The most requested final resting spot is in fact the Haunted Mansion, Crew members will not only have rotating surveillance shifts to catch people in the act but will have to bring out a giant vacuum in search of piles of ash and bones several times throughout the day. Therefore the ride is often shutdown, as workers perform a HEPA cleanup.

Photo Courtesy of WSJ :
Jodie Jackson Wells spread some of her mother’s ashes outside Cinderella’s castle

Even though the Mansion has the most dumped remains for both Disney Land and World, the second biggest choice however is It’s A Small World. But most people still tend to scatter the ashes of their loved ones without being noticed in flower beds or in the water of certain attractions. So next time when vacation please be careful where you step that might be someones Grandparents

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