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I am in the part of Los Angeles that makes you feel like a movie star, and we are the 1st in line facing an iron gate that marks the entrance of The Willows Family Home. We are then greeted by a host that runs the itinerary of the night as well as the house rules. This is my first time at THE WILLOWS experience and almost 2 years for my companions and I must say I am saddened that it took me so long.

We began our evening in the sitting room where we can interact with other guests and the Willows family. As we wait drinks are poured in the hopes that you will interact with people and entertain ourselves with some of the colorful decorations that define The Willows Family. Some key interactions happen with the family members as we begin to meet more of them, and these interactions will help them decide where your night will venture to.

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When it came time for dinner I was separated from my group as we are assigned seating in the dining room, this is where we meet Mrs. Willow. During the dinner we are given more drink and light eating as we are entertained by the exploits and stories of the family as they talk about the late great Jonathan Willows. The talk can seem endearing, but you start to sense that something sinister awaits, as guest introduce themselves and you begin to meet some of the most interesting like-minded people the true evening events start.

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Connors

In all THE WILLOWS is a guest dinner immersive experience that is always changing from a night of celebration to mourning over the years, but if you can survive the horrors during a 2-hour dinner party. The Amazing Cast make it a night and experience you could have not imagined, with nothing to extreme or off putting it becomes a remarkable experience you find yourself reenacting over and over as the days pass.  So please RSVP before it’s too late to obtain tickets to THE WILLOWS

Photo Courtesy of HatBox Photography

THE WILLOWS is part of JFI Productions which has brought us CREEP during the Fall Season. JFI continues to manufacture quality experiences for guest that may be first time or seasoned immersive theater attendants.

The Press Release

“JFI Productions takes the-teared dinner theater concept and gives it a thorough shake-up. Everything about The Willows is unusual and resonates with an old school charm. The kind of dinner party that one can only hope to attend so that have a great story for a future dinner party that won’t live up to this one…”-BLUMHOUSE

From the minds of Creep Los Angeles,The Willows returns in 2019 after two sold-out runs during JFI Productions’ 2017/2018 theatrical season. Known for innovative and uniquely haunting productions like their critically-acclaimed record-breaking flagship show Creep LA, JFI Productions has been called the“buzz of LA” by Entertainment Weekly-garnering celebrity fans like Will Smith and Anna Kendrick. The Willows is JFI Productions’ bold re-invention of the murder-mystery dinner-theatre concept, turning the genre upside-down and injecting it with a dark, alluring sensibility.Set in a sprawling early-20th century 10,000 square foot mansion in the heart of Los Angeles,The Willows invites YOU to join the iconic family at their table for a 2-hour dinner party flowing with drinks and secrets. Every spot at the dinner table is a front row seat. This 7-member cast lures guests with sordid family histories, intimate story-telling, and bizarre encounters across the expansive property for a twisted evening of suspense.The Willows returns for JFI’s 2019 season, featuring never-before-seen rooms, new faces, and even more buried secrets. Come home and spend more time with the Willows family than ever before. The Willows’ exclusive engagement begins on January 31st. The family wishes to see you. It would be such a shame to keep them waiting….Now Running: Thursday–Sunday | 6:30pm & 9:30pm Showtime| Tickets for The Willows are $152 per person and for ADULTS ONLY. Hosted drinks and hors d’oeuvres throughout performance.Each show will consist of an audience of 18.For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

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