I LIKE SCARY MOVIES EXPERIENCE is an interactive “selfie” art museum that expands the Horror Cinema experience beyond any typical showcase. It is a horror enthusiasts wet dream and a chance for photographers to get a unique scenic photo shoot with some of their favorite models.

We got a chance to visit the venue before it opened to the public today and all I can say is when can I go back! From the first room which is a reception area showcasing the promo posters that they had placed all over LA the last few months. Then a happy slap in the face as you are immersed in the worlds of The Shining, IT, Beetlejuice, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Lost Boys. What we found that we love was the imaginative way these worlds are brought to life. From a creative rendition of the Iron Throne to some of the most detail recreation of Movie set pieces I have ever seen. Maximillian and his team (the artist behind the design) did an amazing job in light placing, set separation and more than enough pop for photos, without compromising the integrity of the movies.

I have to say I was blown away by the show and I must recommend that you check it out before it is gone. The event started on the 4th and runs through June 6th and tickets are $39 and the best news is that Los Angeles is only 1st stop of a tour with details on the future locations coming soon.

Not convinced that this a mind-blowing experience? Then check out their website and tickets

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