Every older bridge in the world holds a story, tend to include some type of terrible alleged tragedy that resulted in at least one death, thereby turning the bridge into a ground zero of a restless spirit. Some include crying children, a figure shrouded in white, and some…some will give you a glimpse into Hell itself. 

Dilapidated, and rustic, Hell’s Gate Bridge over Choccolocco Creek near the walking trail at Choccolocco Park in Oxford, Alabama, sits hidden off of Boiling Springs Road about a half mile from the Oxford Commons shopping area. It’s falling, rotted planks barely holding onto the platform that once was a common thoroughfare for locals before the 1980’s. It now is ‘enclosed’ by concrete barriers, and a chain-link fence to keep adventurous people from looking to get their ghost. 

Locals were wary of the bridge because of two different reasons. Firstly, due to it’s namesake, when you drive across the bridge and stop at about the halfway point then look back, the open entrance surrounded by lush, green trees is supposedly enveloped into a fiery landscape. The look down, reportedly supports a endless pit of flame, and rock. Nothing was ever said about a demonic entity showing your way into this portal of Hell, but still one of many paths, nonetheless. 

The second story involves a young couple, who on their way home, decided to shortcut across the bridge home during the 1950’s. As fate would have it, for unknown reasons, the couple managed to careen off the bridge and into the creek below. And of course, the legend spawns that if you cross the bridge while driving slowly across, you’ll pick up the ill-fated lovers for a short time, with only a wet spot to remind you they were truly there. 

Question begs though, without any record of what transpired, or even who the couple was. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened, records get lost, damaged, or destroyed constantly. But what caused the crash? Were they distracted? Was something in the road? Or did they see something, especially consistent with thought of the bridge being a portal to Hell?  

Currently city officials are contemplating what to do with the aged structure, which is now seen as a liability. According to a study, last done in 2000, the bridge’s integrity is listed in “serious” condition. Meaning if you decided that those erected barriers won’t hold you back from exploration, then at your peril, you may become the latest addition to the haunted stories. 

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