“Be my victim”, says toy makers to my wallet. Today has been a great day for horror collectibles!

Announced by NECA Toys, the release of the upcoming 8″ Candyman articulated figure, with bee attachment and head. Last, we’ve seen of a good CM figure was the series 4 Movie Maniacs line by Todd McFarlane featuring his appearance in Candyman 3: Day of the Dead.

Also announced, by Funko, is the second horror series of their 5Star line, feature cute caricatures of Jack Torrance, Michael Myers, and two of the James Wan universe figures, Annabelle, and Valak the demon nun. Each feature only a couple points of articulation but come with an appropriate accessory. The first line, featuring Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and 2017 Pennywise, was a success. I’m excited for this series, and for $10, I’m not complaining. 

Though, probably due to licensing rights, I’m still scratching my head how Pennywise and Chucky got into the mix before Mikey.

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