The folks at Sinister Pointe Productions recently closed the season of their Pop-Up Horror Immersive Bar- SPIRITS LOUNGE. Before that happened, I was allowed to take a quick tour of the Horror’s presented by Sinister Pointe:

Highlights were the bartenders (Frankie The Hog) and staff really got into their roles and never let up. They would sync themselves with the movies playing in the background and immerse you in it by spraying you with holy water and chanting “The power of Christ compels you” during the exorcist. Another great demo is when the bartender cuts of their own finger with a chainsaw to use as a garnish in their “Chainsaw Massacre” drink. Not to mention the scares at every corner including the Bathroom where light tricks and mannequins make it hard to not look over your shoulder when you use the urinal.

Press release:

‘Sinister Pointe Productions is pleased to announce its next immersive undertaking, the horror-themed pop-up bar Spirit Lounge. On select nights beginning August 8th, Spirit Lounge will welcome foolish mortals to immerse themselves in wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling terror. Fans of the strange and unusual will be amazed by interactive displays, movie memorabilia, picturesque photo ops, and roaming entertainment. Featuring an indoor and outdoor bar, unique specialty cocktails, classic horror flicks on the television, and more, the Spirit Lounge is the perfect place for the wicked to rest, or to party!

“I have been working on the concept for the Spirit Lounge for years,” says Jeff Schiefelbein, owner of Sinister Pointe Productions. “I’ve been inspired by tons of interactive bars around the country. I’m so excited to bring something truly unique and thrilling to horror fans.”

Sadly, this pop up closed but you can still purchase tickets to Sinister Pointes next immersive MIST which will run from Oct 4th to Nov 2nd

“Sinister Pointe’s MIST is one of the first free roaming haunt experiences of its kind.
Combining scavenger hunt, escape room and haunted attraction elements and rolling them into one heart pounding experience.”

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