Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights has been a staple attraction for California ever since its original opening date of Oct 9th, 1997. As it celebrates its 22nd year it continues to thrive in to one of the most pulse pounding attractions on the west coast, witnessing it firsthand earlier this week here is our review. But first in case you haven’t experienced HHN here is Universal Studios statement:

“Enter a world more terrifying than you can imagine at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights– the most intense, spine-tingling event to besiege Southern California – now with more mazes than ever. The studio that spawned the original monster movie genre, once again, breathes new life into your darkest nightmares – bringing deeper fears and more hair-raising encounters to all-new immersive worlds of the living, the dead, and the in-between.

You can run but there’s no hiding from the screams of five new scare zones – each gorged with murderous monsters and unimaginable horrors awaiting your arrival. Plus check out an all-new high-energy Jabbawockeez live show. Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights September 13 through November 3. “

Also please remember that this is a review on the attractions when they were only 85% complete a lot of the props and scare actors where not in place as this was a test run, now that’s done let’s get into it:

Stranger Things – Was unfortunately my least favorite of the mazes with the unlimited potential of being in a sound studio, it falls flat on what could be done. The maze last year even though went along with the season 1 storyline, Newcomers to the show could follow the storyline. This maze is great to most Stranger Thing fans and will leave anyone new to the show confused and dumbfounded.

Jordan Peele’s Us – A surprisingly well-done maze and experience if you are a fan of the movie, if not please try to watch it beforehand. This was surprising and refreshing for the content given and the use of it, mild scares but extreme creepiness.

Ghostbusters – Nostalgic and fun this mimics the 1st movie with some of its most memorable scenes, the only downfall is that this maze does have more black hallways than any other maze

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man – This maze aesthetically is beautiful with a lot of great detail to transport guests to an abandoned castle and town where two great legends of horror battle it out for dominance. The storyline can be an issue to follow, but still one of the best mazes.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space™ – Can we say WOW! I loved the attention given to this maze not only with prop setting but the level of fun and zaniness that the movie brings. It was one of the mazes I encourage to do more than once if you can

Creepshow – My favorite maze for the night, even though it does require you to be familiar with the movie to fully enjoy it. The maze brings back some of the most memorable scenes and adds some surprises from the new series out on shudder.

House of 1000 Corpses – This maze is great but for me was a rehash of the one done several years ago. If you never experienced this before it is a great starting point before seeing 3 from hell.

The Curse of Pandora’s Box – Has one of the greatest introductions I have seen for a maze and it does not disappoint as you continue through it. This is one of Universal HHN original mazes and it also happens to be their blacklight/funhouse maze but is given a great twist making in unique.

Holidayz in Hell – This maze stems from the Scare Zone of the same name last year and is almost n exact copy of it. However, the maze is great with its original and well thought out in the scenes that showcase the holidays. It has a great level of creep and scares to keep any guest screaming.

This years Halloween Horror Nights is better than last year’s event, even though it had some downfalls and disappointing ideas it really pulls out a great night of horrors. If you are in the area I definitely recommend it and hope you will share your thoughts.

Here are some extra photos of the Scare Zone All Hallows Eve :

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