The main things that make this event a standout during haunt season are the immersive sets/setting (an actual haunted ship), attention to detail, and unique themes that use the setting to its advantage. 

Here is my ranking of all 6 mazes from most to least favorite:

  1. Lullaby: When you first enter, you have the option of staying at the bar and grabbing a drink and have your fates told by a tarot card reader or continuing the maze to be spooked. This maze not only was spooky it felt the most eerie, the air in some of the hallways here felt extremely heavy and dense. Most of rooms played on the ships natural terrain leaving it dark and ominous. This one seemed to be one of the more populated mazes with a lot of creepy looking characters/scenery, including Scary Mary herself.
  1. Intrepid: This one had a variety of different sets and interchanged between them beautifully (inside a train to a church, to catacombs). It’s set during the winter with a touch a Scottish in the theme. There was also a cool and very effective water effect in one of the rooms, which accompanied one of my favorite scares of the night. 
  1. Circus: I’m down for anything circus or clown themed; so, this was not surprisingly, one of my favorites. There were a lot of fun, interactive and disorienting effects throughout the maze that really gave it that classic carnival or fun house feel (mirror maze, spinning tunnel, etc.). Loved seeing the variety of characters they had in here.
  1. Rogue: The new maze this year. Without giving too much away, there were some extremely cool effects in here to sell the illusion of being in a ship on the verge of capsizing. 
  1. Feast: My favorite thing about this was one of the rooms at the end that was supposed to make you feel like you were in a giant f***** ***n and you so definitely don’t want to be in that. I liked the idea of this maze, but it could’ve been a lot more grotesque and with additional different characters to fit the theme. Also, I wish that at least one of the chefs would’ve popped out and yelled “Les Poisson” and then this maze might have been *chef’s kiss*
  1. B340: There was one part that got me pretty good (if you’ve been to event before, then you’re probably familiar with it). The soundtrack in this one was cool and had a “Stranger Things” vibe to it. It might help to be familiar with the backstory to this one, which I wasn’t.

(Note: This is based on the Police Report about the cross-Atlantic voyage in Oct 1948 where a deranged passenger by the name of Samuel, went on a bloody rampage. He was then captured and thrown in stateroom B340 till they reach shore, once a shore they discovered he vanished without a trace)

Scare zones and Shows: Saw a few scare actors walking around and there was Fire-Eaters and Dramatic Dance and Acrobat shows. We saw a couple of the icons of the event walking around the Captain, the Ringmaster and Graceful Gayle, which looked great. 

Another cool thing were the secret speakeasy style bars hidden throughout the event and to enter you will need a chip; which you can acquire by interacting with the cast. My favorite bar was the Lullaby one because it was the most immersive and had my favorite themed drinks. Lastly, if you’re hungry, try the chicken stick, it’s basically a sword of chicken.

Overall, it was a really fun event! And recommended this haunt season!

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