I just recently went to the The 17th Door’s newest attraction for the fall season titled: Fearless which can be considered the state of mind you have to be in once you see there welcome/warning sign at the front of the haunt. This is where it states “You may be exposed to or come into contact with: insects, touching, projectiles, electric shock, lasers, foul language, latex, physical restraints, dizziness, etc.” for a lot of horror enthusiasts this is where they decided to attraction and move on to the next , But I am here to tell you that this attraction is one of the best in southern California and can’t be missed.

So now that you have passed the sign and signed your waiver of liability (This is required before you can enter attraction) you find yourself in a prison yard setting with high gates with bright spotlights, security guards and ghouls patrolling the area. They continue to hound on the guests that are easy scares to entertain the crowds in line. Once you are in you are lined up and given the rules of the haunt and to verify that your waiver is indeed signed and turned in. The groups are then pushed in to the 1st door and so your adventure begins.

I will not reveal any of the rooms and their details, but I will say that you are shown cockroaches in one room and shocked in others. If you are not a fan of certain things like claustrophobia (there is several rooms that can be tight fit) or minor shocks you have the option of a “Mercy” Necklace for a small fee , which will allow you to enjoy the experience without the uncomfortable scenarios.  There is also a VR experience that they really have perfected over the years, it is an additional $15 but will expand on the story and experience of the haunt. The VR experience is not necessary to enjoy the haunt and is not for the faint of heart (shocks , heights and sudden drops) so please take note of that before purchasing.

In honesty the sheer guts and determination of Maniac Mind Productions in this year’s event are nothing short of shocking and amazing! They have really pushed the envelope this year on quality entertainment and yet have done it so that its not a huge distress to those haunt goers that may feel huge discomforts being in extreme environments. They really have given a quality well thought out attraction and I applaud them and the actors for it. So without further ado here is the official Press Release:

The 17th Door Haunted House enters its fifth season… Fearless!

  • Fifth season starts September 20 with select dates running through November 2
  • Pre-sale tickets now available at www.the17thdoor.com
  • Regular ticket prices start at $25; VIP Speed Pass ticket prices start at $30
  • Located at The West Fullerton Shopping Center: 1851 W. Orangethorpe Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833

FULLERTON, California, September 13, 2019 – The 17th Door is now entering its third straight season in Fullerton, Orange County. And this year, one of the scariest, most intense, and most interactive haunted houses in the country has pushed the boundaries even further. With new rooms, new scares, and shocking innovation, The 17th Door is excited to present unique experiences that have never been undertaken before in a haunt!

Each year, the team at The 17th Door looks to outdo themselves and raise the bar with cutting edge scares you won’t find elsewhere. In the 2019 season, guests will experience several added surprises… more of what they love, and more of what they hate! Will you cry “Mercy?” Or will you survive all 35 minutes of psychological terror?


We return once more to Perpetuum Penitentiary and the torturous story of our Paula. After accepting responsibility for the vicious murder of her son, Lincoln, Paula now seeks atonement for past sins. Even after months of intense labor, strengthening her body and mind, Paula has repeatedly failed in appealing to the Prison’s sinister Warden for freedom. It’s not enough. It’s never enough… Her work must continue.

At Perpetuum, a new circle of hell has taken root. Courtesy of Vixi Labs, and by the Warden’s decree, all Prison treatment facilities will now be powered by revolutionary Vixi-technology. Operated by vile and sadistic engineers, their unorthodox methods for treating evils of humanity have hit new levels of depravity. They are enjoying every minute.

Will you join Paula in her fight for redemption? Or will you succumb to the madness? Will you cry Mercy, or will you emerge from Perpetuum changed and “FEARLESS?”


In the heyday of Perpetuum Penitentiary, the prison partnered with the enigmatic Vixi Labs on a new experimental treatment method for its most troublesome inmates. Touting a revolutionary machine that was capable of interfacing with the human brain – the VRX-2000 headset – Vixi Labs helped Perpetuum to establish the new Vixi Ward within the prison.

Now, Perpetuum has expanded their contract with Vixi Labs. After operating discreetly for decades, Vixi Ward has rolled out their treatment in full force to pacify the Prison’s exceedingly unruly inmates.

Guests sentenced to Vixi Ward will face a 15 minute immersive experience, including a brand new VR video for 2019! Guests may first endure a pre-op procedure to assess their fitness for treatment. They will then don the VRX-2000 headset themselves to begin their virtual reality experience. Once the guests’ treatment concludes, they will then be snuck back into inmate general population using a secret entrance. There, they will begin The 17th Door maze inside Perpetuum.

“We’re always striving to outdo ourselves each year and we love to keep our guests and fans excited and on their toes!” said The 17th Door co-owner Heather Luther. “We are known for our innovation in new ways of scaring and technical elements as well as our impressive scenes and set design. We plan to continue to test the limits and put on the best and most unique shows possible!”

Pre-sale tickets for this year’s season are now available online at www.the17thdoor.com. Act fast because they sell out quickly!

The 17th Door is designed for a mature audience, preferably 16 years of age and older, as guests will find themselves in intense situations. All guests must still sign a liability waiver and the actors are allowed to touch guests. At any point during the haunted house experience, guests may use the safe word “Mercy” to be escorted out. They will be given the option to rejoin their group in the next room or leave the haunt entirely.

The 17th Door 2019 Haunt Experience Dates:

September 20-21, 27-28

October 4-6, 10-13, 17-20, 23-27, 29-31

November 1-2

**Please note I have been a fan of the 17th door for three years and even though there were a few times on one visit that the talent has tested my patience a little more than they should of, I have continued to enjoy the attraction. So, for me to say it can’t be missed says a lot about this year’s attraction.

Before checking out The 17th door be sure to visit their Twitter, FB and Instagram before you purchase they normally have a discount code to help your budget and entice you to bring friends to enjoy !

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